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iQSol Security Appliances: A fortress for your Systems and Data.

There are many Security Solutions out there, you just have to find the one suitable to all of your needs. This sounds easier than it actually is. iQSol covers the areas of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Alerting in High Availability Environments as well as UPS-Shutdown and -Restart with three different Security-Appliances. All three solutions can be combined onto one platform, so you can enjoy outstanding Security.

Even the physical Security can be increased with our Hardware Security App (HSA). It simplifies the installation of a Hardware Security Module. The system is connected with YubiHSM and makes the menu-driven configuration of the Appliance possible.


LogApp - regulation-compliant logging

You want to collect, analyse and manage events of assets such as servers or network devices easily?

LogApp can do all of that and even more!

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Alert Messaging Server

With Alert Messaging Server no alert stays undetected! Never miss out on incidents happening in your IT-Systems. AMS provides you with the entire overview.
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Your Energy Guard

Business Continuity Management (BCM) at highest standards: With PowerApp it is ensured that your IT-Assets, Machines and Data stay unharmed even during a longer lasting power blackout.
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Hardware Security Appliance

Fast and simple HSM configuration up to 16 PKI server. This appliance simplifies the central creation and storage of certificates with YubiHSM.
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