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Alert Messaging Server

The watchdog for high-availability environments!

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Alert Messaging Server

Alerting and monitoring
No ado about nothing! Our Alert Messaging Server only alarms when it really counts! The fully customizable alerting system for administrators in high-availability environments reports whenever an error or a malfunction occurs, or when your systems get attacked. In combination with an extensive monitoring solution, AMS sends E-Mail, SMS or a voice call to you or your technicians to inform you of any unusual activity. Thanks to the integrated service plans and defined escalation procedures, the right person is called to action at all times.

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Operating mode

Alert Messaging Server is a full-featured and customizable alerting system for high availability environments. It provides methods to handle errors from various market-leading monitoring applications and immediately notifies the persons in charge via E-Mail, SMS and voice according to duty rosters and escalation procedures. Thus the alarm can be carried out, a network/system or application management environment is needed (e.g. WhatsUpGold, Realtech, Microsoft, HD OpenView or NetiQ)

AMS protocol

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AMS Architecture


Depending on your needs you will find the appropriate solution. Depending on project size and required function, individual modules are configured:

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