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Hardware Security Appliance

Fast and easy HSM configuration for your PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Hardware Security Appliance

Security Certificates are a popular target for Cyber Criminals, once stolen they can bypass almost all Security Measures using these Certificates. Hardware-Security-Modules (HSM) ensure effective physical protection of servers, unfortunately most of the time the Installation and Configuration is very complex. With our Hardware Security App (HSA) these things belong to the past!

Our Appliance simplifies the central creation and storage of certificates in the web with YubiHSM. YubiHSM is one of the smallest, most energy- and cost-effective Modules on the market. iQSol HSA makes the simple and menu-driven integration of up to 16 PKI-Servers possible. Furthermore, HSA is ideally suited to secure Windows Certificate Authorities (CA).

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HSA main menu

HSA main menu

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yubiHS main menu

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