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Security 360°

Log Management, Alerting and Disaster Recovery - are going hand in hand to ensure your all around Security.

It is possible to establish 360°-Security.

The solution

It is possible to establish and ensure 360°-Security, for example, if you have a Maximum Security Platform in combination with the solutions LogApp, Alert Messaging Server (AMS), PowerApp and Hardware Security App (HSA). These appliances make sure that your Crisis-Management is compliant with the latest standards and stays manageable.

Security starts with defense!

Don’t be satisfied with a firewall! Start defending yourselves against trojans, bot-systems and malicious cyber-attacks! Thanks to Security Event & Information Management (SIEM) per LogApp you are prepared: real-time log management protects you from nasty surprises and clears quickly faults on devices or systems - and the auditable, forensic analysis helps you to collect and analyze digital evidences.

Let IT security be absolutely precise!

Communication is essential, especially during an attack, or if other problems with your IT or IT-Infrastructure occur. In case someone is illegally accessing your systems and you are just notified at one location or not at all, invaders are given the go-ahead without anything stopping them. With Alert Messaging Server (AMS) by iQSol you are given a tool that makes Enterprise-Crisis-Communication available everywhere: via Broadcast, SMS, Voice Message and E-mail.

React before it's too late!

Your IT depends on electricity as well as on your ability to act. Create a secure base: If fire, water, storm, a longer power failure or even a total blackout threats your business continuity, it is time for iQSol PowerApp. Regular disaster tests and an emergency manual help to intervene quickly and secure long termed continuous processes and production-chains (SCADA). A live migration of your data, the UPS management with shutdown and restart function for your systems just by pressing a button as well as the management of your systems with UPS operations do not only save your nerves, but also money and loss of image. You can easily evaluate unwelcome incidents thanks the collected log data by LogApp – and be better prepared for the next time!

Become a partner and work together with iQSol to provide your customers with the latest IT-Security!


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