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Natural disasters, human errors, technical failures or even a cyber-attack: If servers and systems are disconnected from electricity, your business continuity might be in danger. Our UPS-Management-Solution PowerApp ensures that your machines never fail to service. PowerApp protects your data in case of power failure and provides safe server shutdown/startup and live migration of virtual machines.

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Features & Benefits

New Features

Core Features


Operating Mode

PowerApp is an UPS shutdown appliance that works agentless. Windows server, Linux server and applications are shut down automatically, stopped or moved to a secondary data center.

PowerApp guarantees the reliable shutdown of servers based on the status of the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

PowerApp Architecture


PowerApp 2600R is the highest performing PowerApp appliance on two height units with ten cores and 32 Gigabyte RAM. A RAID controller and one redundant power supply ensure maximum reliability. Due to the high performance, PowerApp 2600R is especially for large organizations with multiple data centers up to 5000 servers.

PowerApp 1100R with eight cores and 16 Gigabyte RAM is suitable for large organizations up to 1500 server. A RAID controller and one redundant power supply ensure maximum reliability.

PowerApp 600R, with eight cores and 8 Gigabyte RAM. A RAID controller and a redundant power supply ensure maximum reliability. This appliance ensures a secure shutdown of systems and applications for small and medium-sized enterprises up to 350 servers.

PowerApp 100 is equipped with two cores and 8 GB RAM. Ideal for small environments including 100 licences (not expandable).

PowerApp can operate as vitual machine alternatively.

PowerApp Appliance


List of servers

List of servers

All systems that should be shut down in the event of a power failure are stored in the server list.



Extensive hypervisor support for importing and controlling (shutdown/startup/migrate) virtual machines.

Data streams

Data streams

Define data streams, what is to be queried by UPS.

UPS Dashboard

UPS Dashboard

UPS Dashboard with details of the UPS including charts.

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